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The difference between our dairy section and other dairy sections? Frank's Fresh Market gives you good quality along with a good price every time for every product. If cheese is what you're craving, be it for sandwich for lunch, a platter for a fancy party, or simply something to add a little extra flavor to some wine, we have the cheese that will suit your occasion or tastes best. Our cheeses are rich in flavor and naturally their freshness. Still, choosing the right cheese can be intimidating. Should you choose Kraft singles? What about Aged British Cheddar? Yes, you may get overwhelmed by our impressive variety of choices, but just ask an employee. They will be more than happy to help you choose which cheese would benefit which occasion. Or perhaps you've tasted a cheese from the Deli and wonder just want to be able to eat it alone. Don't worry. We import our cheese both in and out of the Deli so any cheese that you find there, you'll find in a larger quantity in the bulk. Likewise, many of the cheeses we sell can be bought as low fat versions, all equally as good. Cheeses aside, you needn't worry that your other dairy needs won't be met. We stock many big name brands of milk like Horizon along with lesser known companies. And for those anti lactose folks out there, we have nice variety of products for you as well! Buy your favorite brands like So Delicious and Silk in all the different flavors other large chain supermarkets have for a fraction of the cost. Yes, we know that milk substitutes can be expensive, but they don't have to be. At Frank's Fresh Market, they aren't. Dairy adds an extra taste to an everyday meal so pick up your fresh source of calcium and enjoy what you eat and grow a fat wallet on your savings.  

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Unlike other large chain supermarkets, Frank's Fresh Market caters to the tastes of the individual instead of simply stocking shelves with a mediocre variety of product. When you walk through our door, you'll never walk out disappointed.