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Juicy apples in the crisp colors of fall? Bright orange carrots with a promised sweetness like syrup? Perhaps lettuce heads of vibrant green, wrapped around one another like a flower waiting to bud. When you walk through the aisles, this is what you will see. You can guarantee our plump green and purple grapes won't be on the threshold of rasinhood and our leeks will be so fresh you can still smell the fresh garden soil. Produce normally looks clean-what with the spray always misting the orange peppers, but our produce truly is new and clean. Looking for an extra help to lose weight? Healthy smoothies have long been suggested as a dietary supplement to help clean up your diet to cut out those extra pounds. Broccoli alone has 30% your daily calcium intake needed and if you pair some fresh broccoli with nature's very own sugar and other delectable veggies you'll find yourself feeling better sipping a delicious and healthy treat with your meals.

You may be asking, what is nature's sugar? Fruits, pure and simple. Our produce section has a painter's pallet of fresh fruits that satisfy the sweet need in everyone. Variety in color is not the only boast Frank's Fresh Market can make, however. We also have an unbelievable variety of fruits and vegetables. We have apples green apples like spring and Cortland apples so crisp its like biting into a brisk fall morning. A perfect addition to a lunch sandwich is a bright-red rhubarb topped by hearty green leaves. Looking for a snack or to make your own juice? Our oranges have plump pulp just bursting with flavor and if you need a lemon, you won't be pulling a face at the bitterness. You'll be pulling a laughing pucker because our lemons taste just how a sour lemon should taste. The wide variety of fruits and vegetables allow you to combine textures, presentation, and taste to every meal at a price that we proudly say, is Frank's Fresh Market.  

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Unlike other large chain supermarkets, Frank's Fresh Market caters to the tastes of the individual instead of simply stocking shelves with a mediocre variety of product. When you walk through our door, you'll never walk out disappointed.