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These are common misconceptions most Americans have about fish. Besides the frozen and not better than meat sting, yes, fish can be expensive, but no it's not at Frank's Fresh Market. For the same quality as a supermarket that price their fish at a price that will make your eyebrows climb to the ceiling we sell for a low price that will make your jaw drop to the floor and say, "Fish can cost this little?" Yes. Yes it can. Why should you even eat fish when you can just eat meat? A sad majority of Americans don't get enough omega-3 fatty acids. Sounds disgusting? Yes, but not all great things had great names. Omega-3 fatty acids can help weight loss, improve your cardiovascular and heart health which in turn lowers the risk for heart attack. Also, it can actually be a meat substitute! Fish have no or low amounts of fat and have the same nutritional benefits as meat, and a sprinkle of fish in the week can really spice up your your weekly menu! Wondering just which fish to get? Think chill northern waters, crystal clear and quick flowing. The salmon rushing through the rivers. Wild caught Alaskan salmon is a favorite for the plate along with the Albacore Tuna caught wild in the U.S or British Columbia. Will you walk in and see the enormous variety of fishes and feel just a little lost? Simple! Just look at our catch of the day to try something new! Not only do we boast a wide variety of fish, but the variety of fish also come in a variety of ways. Try taking canned sardines or shrimp and make a salad. If you're looking for something heartier, try a sizzling grilled salmon fillet that will cook up in no time. We mean it. Fish takes a fraction of the time meat takes to cook and you'd have to work hard to make a delicious fish dinner hard work to make! So next time you're in Frank's Fresh Market, don't be afraid of the variety! Enjoy it at the low prices Frank's Fresh Market is known for.  

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Unlike other large chain supermarkets, Frank's Fresh Market caters to the tastes of the individual instead of simply stocking shelves with a mediocre variety of product. When you walk through our door, you'll never walk out disappointed.